'Tis The Season Holiday Card

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It's Winter season, the snow is falling and adventure is calling! A blanket of white falls over the mountain tops as Winter Wolves roam the tundras. 

The season's change and a cold wind blows by you, the road ahead is blocked by Ice Giants & White Dragons. Fear not, you have your brothers and sisters in battle beside you they stand at the ready. Blades brandished and spells blazing in the night with a glint in all your eyes, you think to yourself today is the day all you monsters die!

Feasting, celebrations, hunting, whatever you plan to do this winter remember... tis' the season!

Uniquely handcrafted for all adventurers.

+2 on all Attack rolls for a Whole Encounter
Advantage on all Ability Checks
Advantage on all Charisma Rolls

When you purchase this card, you will receive:
Our uniquely handcrafted D20 'Tis The Season Holiday Card
A handmade envelope made of Kraft Paper
Stick on a wax seal in the shape of a snowflake

After purchase, locate your friendly neighborhood, level 5 or higher wizard and ask them to cast "Sending" on your card! (It's a spell)

Disclaimer: Our card provides you with only the inspiration to do great things. It is up to you and your party to do great things and create memorable nights. We are not responsible for spilled drinks, late-night sessions, shouting contests, disagreements, and
least of all the unforgettable adventures you create with your group.

Thank you.

Courtesy announcement from the people at A Few Burnt Hairs Specialty Store.