The Arch Fey | Warlock Patron Candles

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Webs line the cave walls and entrances, bones hang limply from the ceiling with no wind to make them sway. Your torch only illuminates so far ahead of you, this darkness is unnatural. A woman reaches out from the black, a hulking figure looming behind her as she motions for you to come closer. Small spiders begin to crawl down from the ceiling as she calls out to you, "Come child, join me in my Demonweb Pits."

Enjoy 60+ hours and choose your own scent with each of our 16oz Warlock Candles, made using 100% Coconut Soy Wax. Each one is hand-poured into our recyclable and reusable glass containers. All of our candles are renewable, biodegradable, and made using vegan ingredients.

Warlock Candle Overview:
* Wax Type: All-Natural Coconut-Soy Blend
* Wick: Braided Cotton Wick

* Burn candle between 1-4 hours.
* Do not leave a lit candle unattended.
* Never leave your burning candle anywhere your familiars, animal companions, insane wizards, or children can reach it.