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Smoldering Candle of Fire Breath

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 What is more terrifying to a town than a dragon with a vendetta that breathes fire? A high-level party of players with a vendetta that breathes fire heading towards town.

It has never been easier to clear out a room full of goblins when using our Smoldering Candle of Fire Breathing. What better way than to use the dragon's all-encompassing fire breath attack? Fire is cleansing and you can clear out a dungeon full of pesky enemies to get to all that sweet magical loot.

Scent Profile

Our Smoldering Candle Of Fire Breathing captures the true essence of sitting by the bonfire. With a distinctive familiarity, this scent merges notes of smoke and wood into a warm fiery union. Hints of clove, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli give you a true sense of firepower.

Candle Overview

Scent Strength: Strong

Wax Type: All-Natural Coconut-Soy Blend

Wick: Fireside Wooden Wick


▲ Never leave your Potion Candle burning for more than 4 hours, after this period the effect of the spell becomes null.
▲ Never leave your lit Potion Candle unattended.
▲ Never leave your burning Potion Candle anywhere your familiars, animal companions, insane wizards, or children can reach it.

Courtesy announcement from the people at A Few Burnt Hairs Specialty Store.