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(Second Wind Scent) The Hex Blade Patron Warlock Candles - 16 oz

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Stone monoliths pave your way, disgustingly twisted, and reaching for the sky you can almost hear them cry out. Parched, feet dragging, and your vision fading you spot a crow perched atop one of the twisted spikes just up ahead. You crumble to your knees and disembodied voices whisper in your ear, "I feel your despair. I taste your sorrow. Enter my Fortress of Memories, oh champion of tragedy.". Your legs are given new life as you stumble forward, black-feathered wings wait to greet you in the path ahead.

Second Wind. A harmonious blend of herbal green tea leaves and citrusy lemongrass. Notes of green florals, jasmine petals, and orange blossom make for a sweet citrusy orchestra. This scent is infused with irresistible freshness while an added touch of cedar and clean powder in the base fortify the earthy tones of the tea leaves.

Enjoy 60+ hours of rich, distinct desserts with each of our 16oz Warlock Candles, made using 100% Coconut Soy Wax. Each one is hand-poured into our recyclable and reusable glass containers. All of our candles are renewable, biodegradable, and made using vegan ingredients.

Warlock Candle Overview:
* Wax Type: All-Natural Coconut-Soy Blend
* Scent: Reaper's Food Cake
* Wick: Braided Cotton Wick

* Burn candle between 1-4 hours.
* Do not leave a lit candle unattended.
* Never leave your burning candle anywhere your familiars, animal companions, insane wizards, or children can reach it.