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I Love You For Your Mind Love Card

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Knowledge is power, the Mind Flayers know this... ( Pun totally intended) So give your sweetheart the knowledge that you love them for how they think. Let them know you love those Perception checks with our handcrafted Mind Flayer Card.

Uniquely handcrafted for all adventurers.

♥ Advantage on all Intelligence checks
♥ +2 to Persuasion for 1 hour
♥ Disadvantage to all strength rolls

When you purchase this card, you will receive:
♥ Our uniquely handcrafted Mind Flayer Love Card
♥ A handmade envelope made of Kraft Paper
♥ Stick on a wax seal in the shape of a heart

After purchase, locate your friendly neighborhood, level 5 or higher wizard and ask them to cast "Sending" on your card! (It's a spell)

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for brain displacement, brain-devouring, loss of brain or the transforming of loved ones into Mind Flayers. They are not friendly, do not make contact. Additionally, if you find Mind Flayers lurking near your village please contact your local Adventurer's Guild.

Thank you.

Courtesy announcement from the people at A Few Burnt Hairs Specialty Store.