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Frightening Candle of Hallow's Eve

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Scent Spiced Pumpkin King 

Scent Strength Strong

Wax Type All-Natural Coconut-Soy Blend

Wick Fireside Wooden Wick



Spiced Pumpkin King. Taking in the aroma of our Frightening Candle Of Hallows' Eve you are immediately greeted by the scent of pumpkin, spices, and a touch of vanilla and caramel. The sweet smell of pumpkins is accompanied by a hint of cinnamon rounding out the pumpkin spice scent that fits perfectly in with the fall season.

🎃 After 10 minutes of breathing in the scent of the candle, you will be surrounded by an aura of fear. Anyone you deem an enemy will be forced to make a Wisdom saving throw to avoid gaining the "Frightened" condition.

🎃 The fear aura effect lasts for 1 hour.


As the days get shorter and the shadows grow longer, the leaves turn orange and the winds carry long sorrowed howls. Be wary adventurer don't lose sight of those around you. Watch your step as the earth below you shifts and grumbles. The pumpkin patch you walk on is said to hide something monstrous. Your party reaches for their weapons a second too late, failed dexterity checks see vines wrap themselves around you. Looking around you see a mass forming, a pumpkin grins at you from the darkness. The fabled Pumpkin King has you in his clutches. Roll for initiative!


🎃 Never leave your Potion Candle burning for more than 4 hours, after this period the effect of the spell becomes null.
🎃 Never leave your lit Potion Candle unattended.
🎃 Never leave your burning Potion Candle anywhere your familiars, animal companions, insane wizards, or children can reach it.

Courtesy announcement from the people at A Few Burnt Hairs Specialty Store.