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Alluring Candle of Charm

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 Scent Enchanting Aura

Scent Strength Strong

Wax Type All-Natural Coconut-Soy Blend

Wick Fireside Wooden Wick



Enchanting Aura. When you take in the aroma of our Alluring Candle Of Charm you are instantly greeted by a symphony of sweet smells. With a touch of citrus, a slight spice, and delicate notes of sweet blossoms. This fragrance is the ultimate blend of fruity and floral aromas that beckon to all your senses.



Goblins giving you trouble? Has a band of thieves stopped you and your party from getting to town to buy some much-needed healing potions? In a pinch sometimes the best solution is friendship. But if the bard can't convince them, then look no further than our Alluring Candle Of Charm! Burn it before your enemies and see how quickly they turn from foe to friend (at least for a little while).

♥ Never leave your Potion Candle burning for more than 4 hours, after this period the effect of the spell becomes null.
♥ Never leave your lit Potion Candle unattended.
♥ Never leave your burning Potion Candle anywhere your familiars, animal companions, insane wizards, or children can reach it.

*WARNING* We are not responsible if a troll or hag witch falls in love with you after smelling the sweet scent of the candle.

Courtesy announcement from the people at A Few Burnt Hairs Specialty Store.