Adventurers Beware... Dungeon Crawling Love Card

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It can be terrifying. A huge risk, in fact, to explore an entire dungeon. But you're an adventurer! Risk is part of the job! And when you finally get to the treasure room (and find out that there's a crazy beholder hidden in the room) it will all be worth it! Because you're an adventurer, your life is all about risk!

Take that risk, give your sweetheart our handcrafted Dungeon Love Card and show them you're willing to go that extra mile for that sweet loot.

Uniquely handcrafted for all adventurers.

♥ +2 on all Perception Rolls
♥ Advantage on all Investigation Checks
♥ Disadvantage on Dexterity Saving Throws

When you purchase this card, you will receive:
♥ Our uniquely handcrafted Dungeon Love Card
♥ A handmade envelope made of Kraft Paper
♥ Stick on a wax seal in the shape of a heart

After purchase, locate your friendly neighborhood, level 5 or higher wizard and ask them to cast "Sending" on your card! (It's a spell)

Disclaimer: Do not go into holes in the ground, they might be infested with goblins. Do not enter hidden stone entrances, although there could be loot, it is not worth losing your life over (Unless! There are magical items!). We are not responsible for broken limbs, loss of sight, and pierced organs when traveling inside a dungeon.

Thank you.

Courtesy announcement from the people at A Few Burnt Hairs Specialty Store.