What About The Kobolds?

What About The Kobolds?

Here at A Few Burnt Hairs, we love to bring you new things to look at and put new items up on our website for our customers. We work hard to make sure every piece of product that goes out to you is top-notch and our best work. Earlier this year we were happy to introduce our first brand name stickers which were our Kobold Stickers. The aforementioned stickers are the Kobold Spearmen, which includes one sticker with 2 Kobolds holding spears ready to defend their Dragonlord, and the Kobold Shaman, which holds a specially crafted staff to cast magical spells at anyone who dares confront him.


We chose Kobolds as our first stickers because we were presented with an amazing opportunity to get our name further out there and to reach a larger audience outside of Instagram. This opportunity came in the form of a video called "What They Don't Tell You About Kobolds - D&D", and as the name suggests the video is about Kobolds in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons.

This video was created by the YouTuber, MrRhexx, who has made dozens of videos on Dungeons & Dragons lore and things that may not be stated in the 5th Edition Monster Manual. We really enjoy his content and urge you to go check out his page if you haven't already seen some of his work.

While we did not talk with MrRhexx directly we were exploring his YouTube page and saw that he was editing a new video about Kobolds. He stated that he was looking for more artwork for his video and to submit it to his email. Naturally, we sprang into action as this was an opportunity to get our name out on a different platform other than Instagram. We drew up our Kobolds and submitted the image to his email and patiently waited for a response. We never received a response as I'm sure he was very busy editing and compiling images, but that made it all the more exhilarating when we spotted our Kobolds 33 minutes into the video. We were over the moon when we saw this, we could not believe that our image had made it onto one of his videos and would be up on YouTube for everyone to see. Since we had already made the Kobolds into separate layers we figured it was just one more simple step to make them into fully-fledged stickers.

So we did, and we could not be happier with the results and the reception we have gotten for them.

This pushed us to make stickers for our shop and the next one is coming in the form of Chromatic Dragons!! That's right! We've collected everyone's favorite reptilian overlords into one big sticker to be enjoyed in all of their glory. You can now find our Chromatic Dragon Sticker on our online shop. Along with our whole collection of stickers, which we will definitely be adding to so keep an eye out for those, right here.

dragon sticker image high res

Thank you all for joining us and for reading through all of this, we really appreciate the support you've given us. So until the next post, we'll talk to you later.

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