The Greater Candle Of Healing

The Greater Candle Of Healing

Let's talk about our Greater Candle Of Healing Candle and how to use it in your campaign.


Players may come across these potion candles in whichever way you see fit, whether it's from finding them in an ancient temple, a different dimension, or getting them from some crazy wizard. You are welcome to use whatever backstory best fits into your campaign/one-shot. We do not want to dictate how your players get ahold of them.


Our intended use for the Greater Candle of Healing was that of a healing potion, hence the name. Because we saw that healing potions are rather expensive for one-time use, and because we were making candles for our shop A Few Burnt Hairs, the type of item we opted to make was a multi-use item that would be beneficial to players. We wanted The Greater Candle of Healing to be useful for both lower and higher-level players. For in-game use, our intentions for the Greater Candle of Healing would be that the players would have to light the candle, be within 5 feet of the candle during the initial lighting, and immediately they would gain 4D4+4 health points. For them to gain any further benefits they would have to be within 5 feet of the candle taking in the aromas and every ten minutes the effect would repeat and the players would gain another 4D4+4 health points. Because we did not want the potion candles to be overtly powerful, we decided that after 4 hours of burning the candle's effects would become null.


We are happy to provide the stats for our Potion Candles absolutely free so that anyone can enjoy them! No matter what kind of tabletop role-playing game you are taking part in, you too can use our Greater Candle of Healing. Once again we will state that our statistics are only suggestions on how you should use the Potion Candles. The last word goes to the Dungeon Master, so if you decide these statistics are too powerful you are welcome to make changes to the formula to better fit your needs. These are just suggestions and not at all the definitive way to use the Potion Candles.


In conclusion, we want to take the time to say thank you. If you find yourself using our Potion Candles in your game you are already spreading the word and we appreciate you.


Below are the statistics for our Greater Candle Of Healing Potion Candle. 

Greater Candle Of Healing

Creatures that stand within 5 feet of this candle and breath in the initial fragrance immediately gain 4D4+4 health points. Creatures that are continuously within a 5-foot radius of this candle gain 4D4+4 health every 10 minutes. The candle no longer has any kind of effect after 4 hours of being lit. This candle smells of a blend of herbal green tea leaves and citrusy lemongrass.


Greater Candle Of Healing

adventuring gear (candle)

  • Category: Items
  • Item Rarity: Very Rare
  • Weight: 1

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